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Tried & True Haircut ($30.00) (Most Common) A classic combination of clippers and scissors. All haircuts are finished with a hot towel and straight-razor shave around the neckline and ears.

Buzzcut ($15.00) A clean buzz with one clipper guard all over and straight razor neck clean up and hot towel. (does not include fades, or scissor work)

Scissor Cut ($35.00) Our barbershop haircut with only scissors used from top to bottom, tip to top. Includes straight razor neck clean up and hot towel treatment.

Beard & Mustache Trim ($15.00) Have your beard and/or mustache trimmed to your desired length and shape, enjoy a relaxing hot towel and add a dab of beard oil to complete your treatment.

Straight Razor Shave ($35.00) Our classic hot towel, straight-razor shave is a multi-step process that’s luxuriously invigorating.

Haircut & Beard Trim ($45.00) Signature Tried and True Haircut and Beard Trim combination.

Haircut & Straight Razor Shave ($60.00) Signature Tried and True Haircut and our classic hot towel, straight-razor shave.


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