Permanent Cosmetics

Microblading- $595

Microblading is a semi permanent cosmetic procedure that uses a specialized, hand controlled tool, to make fine cuts in the skin to implant pigment that resembles the appearance of natural eyebrow hair. It is ideal for filling in sparse areas of the natural eyebrow where hair isn’t present, and also defining and enhancing brow shape. Price includes initial visit and perfecting session. Expect to spend at least three hours on both occasions.

Ombre Powder Brows- $595

This technique differs from Microblading in that we create a misty, powder filled brow similar to the look of makeup, as opposed to simulated hair. The tails of the brow are darker, and fade into a light start to the brow, giving that beautiful ombre makeup affect. It lasts longer than Microblading, typically around 2 years on average, depending on the client's skin type, lifestyle and various other factors. Over time, pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows behind. Touch up session included in cost.

Microblading fusion- $650

A fantastic compromise between microblading and powder brows, is having an initial powder fill treatment in a slightly lighter pigment that you would like for the final result, followed about 4-6 weeks later by a slightly darker hair stroke application over the top. This is a great way to achieve a natural hair stroke look, but with better definition and longevity than hair stroke on naked skin. Two treatments (initial, and retouch) are offered in all pricing for cosmetic tattoo procedures. If a second retouch (third session) is requested, there will be additional cost.

Eyelash Enhancement- $295

Lash-enhancement, also known as invisible eyeliner, can be very thin or as thick as your own natural lashes and does not have a flick or extended tip. This is to fill in between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes. No-one will know you've had anything done but your eyes will be more permanently defined and gorgeous. Lash enhancement is great for everyone, especially those with really gappy and sparse lashes as thicker lashes accentuate the beauty of the eyes and make them look more youthful. Prices includes initial visit and touch up session.

Lip Color- $595

Permanent lip color can improve the appearance of lips. It helps lips appear more defined without surgery or fillers and restores color to lips that are too pale. Permanent lip liner eliminates the daily use of pencils to outline, fill-in, or reshape lip borders. Permanent lip color decreases the need to reapply lipstick.It will also help correct and balance the symmetry of lips that are uneven, too thin, too thick, or scarred. It can also enhance the natural color and shape of “perfect” lips. Price includes initial visit and touch up session (6-8 weeks after initial appointment)

Moles- $65

Darken an existing skin colored mole and instantly turn it into a beauty mark or create a new one. Price includes initial visit and touch up session.

Freckles- Starting at $125

Brighten up or add to existing freckles, or create new ones. Price includes initial visit and touch up session.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Cover up bald spots in your hairline, or add the illusion of density where there are thinning spots. This is also great for scar camouflage around the back or sides of your head. Email for pricing.

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